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Remodeling Project Ideas: Wood Inlay Cabinetry

Remodeling Project Ideas: Wood Inlay Cabinetry

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April 11, 2008

If you have been considering redoing the cabinets in either your kitchen or your bathroom, you have probably looked at all of the cabinets in your local home improvement store at least twice.  After a while, all of these manufactured cabinets look the same, and that can be very discouraging.  Many home owners are confused and disenchanted with the available styles of plain cabinetry, they look for other options.  That is where wood inlay cabinetry comes into play.

Wood Inlay Cabinetry
Wood inlay cabinetry can be either very ornate or very simple; in fact, that is part of the beauty of these cabinets.  You can use wood inlay in almost any type of cabinetry that has a raised edge in which to place the inlay.  Or, you can have cabinets specially constructed to incorporate an entire inlay pattern.  Either way, wood inlay cabinetry is a great way to bring some life to your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry and a way to truly and uniquely express yourself.

So what type of wood inlay cabinetry should you choose for your kitchen or bathroom?  Well, that is a question only you can answer.  There are several types of wood inlay cabinetry: banded and piece inlays are the most common.  Banded inlays are actual bands of inlaid wood decoration that run the length of your cabinet doors.  These are usually a geometric design that makes a repeating pattern in the cabinet.  Piece inlays are different.  These are actual pictures that are larger and are not usually all the same pattern.  These can be geometric patterns, or they can be more intricate.  For piece wood inlay cabinetry, most home owners usually choose something like a flower, bird, or other type of intricate design that is either repeated in each cabinet door, or is only copied in every few cabinets.  These full pieces are very complex and are usually more expensive that banded inlays because of the amount of labor that goes into each piece.

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