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Fall Maintenance: Wood Door Weatherstripping

Fall Maintenance: Wood Door Weatherstripping

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October 17, 2006

When you are weatherproofing your home for energy efficiency and to reduce drafts, you need wood door weatherstripping as well as weatherstripping for your windows. Sealing around windows and doors will keep out cold drafts in the winter and will keep the cool air inside in the hot summer months. Homes with windows and doors that are protected by weatherstripping can expect to save five to ten percent on their heating and cooling costs versus homes that have not used wood door weatherstripping and window weatherstripping.

Wood door weatherstripping can be done by sliding weatherstrips or foam around the frame of your door. Once applied, it creates a seal around the gaps and keeps the room climate controlled. Regardless of the weather outside the door, your temperature controls within that area are better managed and require less energy for maintenance. If you have a drafty front door, your thermostat is going to come on more often in order to help maintain the temperature that you have set. This results in your appliances working harder and your energy bill being higher.

Wood Door Weatherstripping

Wood door weatherstripping is available in foam, metal, rubber, vinyl and other materials. Weatherstripping should keep the drafts and heat out but not interfere with your ability to open and close your door. Many sticky doors that have been treated with weatherstripping were not carefully measured and the instructions were not carefully followed.

Another benefit of wood door weatherstripping is that the elements can't enter your home. Harsh weather often results in ice and water underneath your door, which can also cause mold and mildew around your doorways. Wood door weatherstripping is a smart and economical choice.

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