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Wood Deck Types

Wood Deck Types

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May 30, 2008

Summer fun wouldn't be the same without them.  They are usually the perfect places to relax in a deck chair, hang out with friends, and enjoy a cold one or two.  Wood deck options have been a part of America's recreation for quite some time.  If you are in the process of deciding to add on to your home or replace your existing, less than perfect structure, you have some studying to do.  Even when you hire a contractor to build it for you, you still need to have some understanding of the products you are paying for.  Here is a closer look at the types of wood you could choose to be used in your deck's construction.

Wood Deck

By far the most popular wood used for decks is pressure treated yellow pine.  You can find pressure treated wood of other varieties, but pine shows up most often.  It is the most economical choice and is easy to find regardless of your location.  As far as appearance is concerned, you can expect this wood to show its grain pretty predominantly in the beginning.  The wood appears to have a greenish color which changes to honey over time.  If this wood isn't properly cared for, cleaned, and sealed, it turns to dull, dingy gray in just a few seasons.  On the plus side, pressure treated wood usually has a warranty to protect against hazards like decay and termite damage.

Another choice you don't want to overlook is redwood. This wood is best used when it is of clear heart grade.  At this level, the redwood is much less likely to warp or decay.  You can expect this wood to vary in color from light red to a deep burgundy color.  It does add something unique to the appearance of your wood deck, but it often fades to yellow fairly quickly.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the types of materials available for wood deck projects.  Between you and your builder, you should be able to come up with the right wood for your deck. 

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