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How to Save Money with Window Insulation Coverings

How to Save Money with Window Insulation Coverings

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October 2, 2007

Did you know you can save a lot of money on your utility bill with window insulation coverings?  Did you also know hotter air will travel towards colder air which is why windows are so good at losing air and creating drafts even when closed.  The answer to this dilemma is learning how to add window insulation coverings that keep hot and cold air where it belongs depending on the season. 

The word "insulation" tends to connote heavy and unstylish coats or wool blankets or brocade curtains.  But window insulation coverings are designed to prevent windows from allowing heat to move where it doesn't belong and they do it stylishly.  When you learn how to add insulated coverings for your window, you will also learn about the many options available that don't detract from your interior décor.

Window Insulation Coverings

Windows are notorious for being energy inefficient despite efforts to create non-leaking windows.  But glass is a good conductor of heat and cold and that's why you feel the outside air temperature when you stand next to a closed window.  Covering the glass with window insulation coverings creates a barrier between the window and the indoor air space.

There are plenty of options you can choose from to cover your windows.

• Shades
• Curtains
• Shutters
• Insulated window plastic
• Framed inserts (storm windows)

Of course, the shades, curtains and shutters are the most decorative options, but you can order custom fitted framed inserts that you add to the window during the frigid winter or scorching summer days.  Covering your windows can reflect the heat or cold which saves you money on your utility bill. 

Learning how to purchase window insulation coverings starts with a lesson in the different kinds of window treatments.  You can simply buy curtains and hang them, but a lot of people don't like curtains for a simple reason- curtains tend to be dust collectors and they're hard to clean.  Shades and shutters, on the other hand, are simple to clean with a dust rag or broom or a specially designed telescoping cleaner. 

Framed inserts can be made with plastic stretched over wood frames if you're on a very tight budget, or you can add insulating and reflective plastic to the windows.  Many people have custom built window insulation coverings made that perfectly fit the house windows.  They can be installed or removed as necessary.

You can learn to hang shades and shutters with only a few tools.  The most difficult part of the job is making sure you are careful with the measurements.  You can custom order your shades or shutters, or purchase coverings sold as stock items.  Most off-the-shelf shades can be cut to size.

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