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Why You Should Consider Drip Irrigation Systems for Lawns

Why You Should Consider Drip Irrigation Systems for Lawns

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August 16, 2007

In today's world, conservation is key to a happy home owner and a happy planet.  For those who are looking into irrigation systems for your yards, you may want to consider one of the best and most conservative irrigation systems available: drip irrigation systems for lawns.  Not only do these systems help conserve water, they also concentrate on the specific places where you need to irrigate.

The problem with regular lawn sprinklers and sprinkler systems is that they waste a lot of water and they spread water to places where it is not necessarily needed.  When you are talking about flowerbeds and lawns, sprinkler systems tend to be more wasteful because they spray water into the air where it can dissipate before it gets to the earth.  This makes it necessary to water your lawn and flowers more often since not all the water distributed is reaching the areas where it is needed.  Also, water goes to areas of flowerbeds that do not have flowers and therefore doesn't need as much water.  With all of this wasted water, you can be sure that any other option would work better.

Drip Irrigation Systems for Lawns

Drip irrigation systems for lawns are designed to be buried underground.  They are essentially tubes with holes the deliver the water right into the earth at root level.  No water is wasted on the way to the plant roots.  But even more effective is the placing of the holes.  The tubes are designed to match the layout of your flowerbed.  That way, if you have a foot of space between your flowers, there is a foot of space between the holes in the tube, matching your flowerbed.  Only the plants are being watered.

When using drip irrigation systems for lawns as opposed to flowerbeds, you will need more frequent holes in the water tubes.  However, the water still goes right to the roots of the grass and is not wasted in the air.  This does help to conserve more water than the average sprinkler system even though more holes are needed to water the lawn itself.

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