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Whirlpool Tub Surrounds: What They Are and How to Choose

Whirlpool Tub Surrounds: What They Are and How to Choose

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August 21, 2007

For those who have never remodeled a bathroom before, some terms may be brand new.  Things like Whirlpool tub surrounds sound a lot more intimidating than they actually are.  If you are at the stage of choosing a new tub and would like to go with Whirlpool, you will need to address the options of possible tub surrounds.  Tub surrounds are essentially the walls that will border your new tub.  These walls have a lot of practical purposes like keeping the walls dry and hiding the mechanical parts of the tub.  There are also several different types of surrounds you can choose depending on the size and type of your tub.

As anyone who has remodeled a bathroom will tell you, protecting that new coat of wall paint or the just-laid flooring is essential to the tub and shower area.  That's where Whirlpool tub surrounds come in.  If you had an old Whirlpool tub that you are replacing with a new tub of the same size and style, you may be able to use the old tub surrounds.  Otherwise, you will likely have to add new Whirlpool tub surrounds to your bathroom.

Whirlpool Tub Surrounds

The important thing to remember is that your Whirlpool tub surrounds should be exactly fitted to your Whirlpool tub.  Whirlpool makes tub surrounds for most of their tubs, so when you go to the store, be sure you ask about surround options for your chosen tub style.  However, if you have chosen an odd-sized tub, you may have to have a specialty tub surround made.  This can be costly, and it may be difficult to find a reputable company who will do it, so consider your options carefully before deciding on an oddly sized tub.

Another problem you might encounter is not being able to find Whirlpool tub surrounds that correctly match your bathroom décor.  If you have a specific material or style in mind for your tub surround, but none of the available options form the manufacturer work, consider going outside for a tub surround.  If you have a standard size Whirlpool tub, you should be able to find appropriate tub surrounds at hardware or home improvement stores.

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