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What Are Your Garage Shelving Options?

What Are Your Garage Shelving Options?

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August 23, 2007

Storage is a problem for almost every homeowner.  Where should you put all of your tools?  Where is a good place to store your car accessories?  And what should be done with your child's outside toys?  All of these questions can be answered with a simple tool: garage shelving.  But what are your garage shelving options?  That is a question easily answered: everything!  A quick trip to your local hardware or home improvement store will introduce you to more garage shelving options than you can imagine!

There are four basic types of garage shelves: wood; acrylic and resin; wire and steel; and rail shelves or adjustable shelves.  All of these types have benefits and potential problems.  For example, the first of the garage shelving options, wood shelving, can be very attractive and inexpensive.  Wood shelves are generally light weight and come in many sizes and styles.  But because they can be light weight, smaller shelves don't hold heavy items.  Also, wood is not very weather-proof and can rot after a while.

Garage Shelving Options

The next type of shelving, acrylic and resin, are terrific because they are very stylish and attractive.  They are clear and often have silver fasteners.  But for garages, acrylic and resin shelving can be a little too fancy.  Most people prefer to put more utilitarian and durable shelving in their garages.

Wire and steel shelving is one of the most popular garage shelving options.  These shelves are very strong and durable, and as they are metal, they are often weather-proof or have a plastic coating that keeps them from rusting in wet atmospheres.  Wire shelves tend to come in two styles, one with vertical wires and one with both vertical and horizontal wires.  The only problem with these is the spaces between the wires can allow small items to fall through.  For small items, you may want to consider steel garage shelving options.

Another popular style is the railing shelving or adjustable shelving.  These shelves are mounted on rails that are attached to the wall.  The shelves can be moved to accommodate different sized items all in the same shelving unit.  They are the most garage-friendly of all garage shelving options when it comes to looks and versatility, but some kinds have wooden shelves so try to find ones with metal shelves.

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