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7 Ways to Make Your House Even Safer

7 Ways to Make Your House Even Safer

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August 16, 2010

Your home is supposed to be your safe haven, where you go to get away from the rest of the world. But if not properly maintained, that safe haven can become a dangerous nightmare. Here's how to keep your home as safe as it should be.

Tips for a Safer Home

Want to make sure your safe haven is just that? Here's how:

  • Sweep the chimney. A buildup of creosote in your chimney can spark a fire. So can improper ventilation, faulty flues, or chimneys that are not up to modern building codes. Remedy the situation with an inspection and a good cleaning by a chimney sweep.
  • Beware the lint. Dryer lint might seem like a benign thing, but it is actually a highly flammable buildup. Clean out your dryer on a regular basis, and don't let lint accumulate around it.
  • Detect lethal gases. Appliances that burn fuel have the potential to create carbon monoxide, which can kill you and your family before you realize what's happening. Avoid the problem by using proper exhaust on the appliances, and invest in a carbon monoxide detector to uncover what you can't see or smell.
  • Electricity and water don't mix. Never place a television, radio, or similar appliance in an area that sees a lot of water use. Be very careful with small appliances traditionally found in bathrooms and kitchens, such as toasters and hair dryers. They might seem too small to kill you, but they can!
  • Keep out the wildlife. Squirrels, bats, and other wild animals can get into your home through very small gaps, usually between the roof and the structure itself. They can set up shop in your attic, chew through cords, and leave toxic droppings. If you hear the tell-tale scratching and squeaking, it's time to eliminate the problem and close up those holes!
  • Avoid an explosion. Methane gases can build up in sewer lines, and if they build up in your home, you have a potentially deadly situation on your hands. The simple lighting of a match or pilot light can make methane explode. If you catch a whiff of sewage, check it out immediately.
  • Knock out mold. If you see mold anywhere in your home, take steps to remedy the cause, and then remove the mold. Letting it linger can lead to breathing problems and illness.

Stay safe in your safe haven. A little bit of prevention can make you and your family much more secure.

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