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Picture Perfect Problem Solving: Waterfront Landscaping Ideas

Picture Perfect Problem Solving: Waterfront Landscaping Ideas

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October 25, 2007

If you already have a home on the waterfront, you might not think that you could do any more with such picturesque property.  But that's not true.  With waterfront landscaping ideas, you can create more taste and style at your house - with far less work than you might think.  By adding just a few simple waterfront landscaping details, you can make your house into a perfect summer retreat - or just your day to day dream home.

So often, people don't think to look for waterfront landscaping ideas because they feel the location is enough.  Being on the waterfront certainly does have its advantages, but are you making the most of them?  Instead of looking at just the water, look at how your home is framing the water and enticing people in to get a better look.

Waterfront Landscaping

If the edges of your property aren't clearly defined by anything else but the water, you might want to consider these waterfront landscaping ideas:

Add rocks to the edges and you will more clearly define the borders of your home.  Try large rocks to make the most impact with a larger body of water and smaller rocks when you are near to a smaller body of water.  Proportions here will help to create a more aligned look.

You might also want to try adding plants as waterfront landscaping ideas around the edges of your property line.  Choose plants that require a lot of water and they'll also be low maintenance for you to care for.

You might also want to choose waterfront landscaping ideas like large water hungry trees like weeping willows.  These will not only define your yard, but they will also help to create a shady place to rest as you look out into the water.

You can also create a patio area or a picnic area by placing some tables and chairs on the waterfront - or you could install a complete deck to make the surfaces more stable.

For more information on waterfront landscaping ideas

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