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Still More Walk-In Shower Design Ideas

Still More Walk-In Shower Design Ideas

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November 29, 2007

If you're looking to get a little more out of your bathroom remodel, some great ideas are popping up around walk-in showers.  With so many different options available for designing your bathroom, the shower is a critical part of the process you just can't afford to leave out.   

When you're looking for walk-in shower design ideas, you want something that's different from most typical bathrooms.  Since many of today's homes have bath and shower combinations, you have different needs than those homeowners.  With walk-in shower design ideas, you can not only create a look that's fun and stylish, but also practical and soothing for those days when you just need to escape from it all.

Walk-In Shower Design Ideas  

The rustic theme seems to be one of the more popular walk-in shower design ideas.  Since you may have limited space in this area, bringing in the expanse of nature seems like a good idea to many.  By using neutral tones and even natural materials, you can create an idyllic scene - complete with foliage and animals if you like.  Add knobs and a shower head that's slightly tarnished to give the appearance that it's been there for a while and you will have that authentic cabin look without having to sleep on the ground.

The spa theme is another popular walk in shower design ideas you can use.  By adding in a larger shower head that can wet and rinse the entire body at once, you create a sort of waterfall in the shower.  You might also want to add extra shower heads in the shower to spray the body from all angles and create a more luxurious experience for you.  Stick with simple and pale colors for a calming effect - and don't forget aromatherapy soaps and plush robes.

Discover Your Shower Ideas

If you have room for two in your shower, there are many more walk-in shower designs ideas you can use.  Try adding space for the both of you to sit down and enjoy the steam from the shower as well as room for the both of you to use separate shower heads at the same time.  It's water conservation and a little bit more fun than your average shower arrangement.

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