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Home Decorating Tips: Wainscoting and Texture

Home Decorating Tips: Wainscoting and Texture

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April 16, 2008

For decades before the 1950s, wainscoting was a very popular wall treatment in many homes.  After the 1950s, many home owners went for more modern looking wall treatments like wallpaper and, eventually, paint color and techniques to add a little excitement and texture to their homes.  Recently, there has been a great resurgence of interest in wainscoting and texture for walls.  Using wainscoting can not only ad texture to your walls, it can also add a feeling of a classic style or cottage style to a home.  Wainscoting is easily installed and can compliment almost any room décor.

Wainscoting and Texture

Wainscoting and texture are two things that go hand in hand when it comes to interesting wall treatments.  Adding texture to a wall will also add excitement and a certain stylistic feeling, depending of course on the color of the walls, wainscot, and the type of décor in the room.  Most people choose wainscoting and texture that is subtle and looks more traditional.  For example, a very popular wainscoting and texture option is beadboard which has approximately two inch wide panel strips that run along the length of the wainscoting.  This will add a cottage look to a room.  If you want something a little more classic or traditional, wainscoting can be found which has a raised square or rectangle pattern in the panels. 

Wainscoting and texture patterns are one aspect of this type of wall treatment; the other aspect is color.  If you want wainscoting that looks like real wood, choose solid pine wainscoting.  If you want something simple, pressed board or plastic wainscoting and texture looks just like their solid wood cousin.  Plus these can be painted and look smooth.  Most people choose white or tan for their wainscoting and texture, but really any color will work provided it is used in conjunction with another, more subtle, wall color above.  Since wainscoting and texture only goes up to between 32 inches and 36 inches above floor level, you will still have a lot of wall space to work with.  Generally, it is not recommended to mix wainscoting and texture with flashy or bright wall paper because it makes the room appear too busy.

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