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Vinyl Tile Garage Flooring ? It?s a Snap

Vinyl Tile Garage Flooring ? It?s a Snap

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October 24, 2007

Installing vinyl tile garage flooring is a great way to turn a plain room in your house or outbuilding into a room with a decorative style.  Learning how to install vinyl tile is easy, especially if you use the latest tile trend which is interlocking tile.  The interlocking tiles snap together after a light mallet tap which makes them self aligning.  But if these kinds of tiles don't fit your budget, or you want turn you garage into a family room, you can easily install traditional vinyl tile using concrete adhesives.

There are plenty of people who turn their garage into a new family room.  This is not difficult to do, but normally something has to be done to make the concrete floor look more presentable.  Concrete floors are great for car parking, but not good for children playing on the floor.

Vinyl Tile Garage Flooring

You can install vinyl tiles in the traditional manner using regular floor tile just like you'd use in any other room of the house.  You will need to use vinyl adhesive that is made for concrete floors.  After you apply the adhesive then start in a corner of the room and begin laying the tile.  As you lay the tile, use a roller to level the tile into the adhesive.  For those more experienced with tile laying, you can start in the middle of the room so that all vinyl cutting is done only along wall edges.  This requires careful floor size measuring before you begin.

The other kind of vinyl tile garage flooring is made as interlocking pieces.  They snap together as you lay them one at a time.  Like regular vinyl tile, the only cutting you'll have to do is at room edges.  Interlocking pieces are simpler to install, because they are cut to fit together like pieces of a puzzle.  You don't have to worry about not getting tile pieces properly placed.  Everyone has seen a do-it-yourself tile job where the seam lines are not straight. 

When you install interlocking vinyl tile garage flooring, you will be amazed at more than the ease of installation.  When you snap the pieces together, all you have to do is lightly use a mallet to make sure the piece is fully connected.  But the tiles come in a variety of designs and colors, so you can install a pattern if you desire. The result is a great looking floor that gives the garage a finished look.  The great news is the interlocking tile works for both garage floors and on garage floors turned into living space.

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