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Vinyl Soffit vs. Wood Soffit Options

Vinyl Soffit vs. Wood Soffit Options

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September 4, 2007

There are several things that a home owner should consider before he or she chooses a type of soffit and siding for his or her home.  Appearance is key, true, but there are other more important features of soffit like durability, maintenance, and the possible effects on the environment.  With all of these things cluttering a home owner's head, it is understandable why he or she could have a hard time choosing between vinyl and wood soffit options.

The appearance of wood soffit options is superior to that of vinyl soffit and siding.  This is absolutely true.  However, there are so many other problems with wood soffit options that many people choose vinyl to avoid any future issues. 

Wood Soffits: Are They An Option?

The primary problem is cost; wood soffit options cost more than vinyl no matter what type of wood you use.  Since wood is a natural resource and vinyl is man made, wood will almost always be the more expensive option in all home improvement situations.  The next problem with wood soffit options is related to the problem of cost: using wood can be seen as having a negative effect on the environment.  For those who are very protective of the world, wood siding may not be a reasonable option. 

Durability and maintenance of wood soffit options are two other issues that go hand-in-hand.  Wood will not last as long as vinyl soffit.  And maintaining the appearance of your wood soffit will require almost yearly treatments and protective applications.  Otherwise, you risk rot and water damage to your siding and soffit.

However, there is some hope for the person who wants to avoid these problems but still get the "wood look".  Some wood soffit options are not wood at all.  In fact, a lot of home owners choose to put up vinyl siding that looks like wood.  This saves on the cost of actual wood soffit options and also adds the durability of vinyl soffit.  The fake wood soffit options have a grain texture molded into them so they look and feel like wood.  A lot of manufacturers will adjust the amount of gloss on the soffit to appear more like painted wood and less like vinyl.

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