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Vinyl Fence - Basics of the Best Choice for Your Fences

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December 2, 2005

Why vinyl is the best material for fencing and how to begin your fencing project.

A vinyl fence will enhance and clarify any landscape. Fencing will also provide you with functional features such as privacy, protection, and pet containment. There are many styles and quality grades from which to choose. By carefully evaluating your needs and your budget, you are sure to find the perfect vinyl fence to provide you years of enjoyment.

Vinyl fence materials are often the materials of choice for several reasons with the primary reason being the fact that they are virtually maintenance free. Lasting much longer than traditional wooden fences, a vinyl fence won't fade, rust, corrode, or rot. It requires no painting or other form of protection during use. You simply install and enjoy. Here are a few things to consider before you begin the actual work of your project.

Vinyl Fence

You should consider the following before making a final decision on the type of vinyl fence you install:

  • The function of your fence. Your fence's function may play a major role in the style of fence you choose. There are several types:
    • Privacy Fence - This type of fence provides a sold barrier. They are typically used around pools, at property divisions, and to hide unsightly areas from view.
    • Picket Fence - If you want to keep your children and pets in the yard this is a great choice. Normally these fences are 4'tall and don't totally block the view.
    • Shadowbox Fence - By using alternate panels on the back and front this fence has the same look on each side. These fences are usually 6' tall. While they compare to a privacy fence there is usually more air circulation because of the design.

  • Your budget. There are different grades and quality of material used to construct a vinyl fence. Some although a bit more expensive, contain higher amounts of titanium dioxide. This helps to prevent wear from ultraviolet rays. Be aware that the initial investment to construct a vinyl fence will be higher than choosing wood, but the long-term benefits outweigh the initial costs. Basically, there is minimal cost once the fence is in place, whereas with other types regular maintenance is required.

  • Your Landscape. Consider your current landscape and architectural style to help coordinate your fence choice. You'll have a variety from which to choose, so you should easily find a design that compliments your existing style.
Once you've made your basic decisions, it is important to take measurements and evaluate your property before you purchase or begin the installation. This could prevent timely and costly mistakes later. Your local home improvement center can assist you with specific questions.

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