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Pros and Cons of Vinyl Beadboard Paneling

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Beadboard Paneling

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May 13, 2008

Beadboard is a great thing to use in home improvement projects.  It adds a degree of charm to almost any room - kitchen, bathroom, basement - and it also gives your room a textured wall, or even ceiling, that you couldn't get from just paint techniques or wallpapering.  Most beadboard is wooden, and this serves many people well.  But for some, especially those who want to add the beadboard to rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces like porches, the fact that wood can expand and even mold when exposed to water is a problem.  In place of typical wooden beadboard, many people are searching for an alternative, like vinyl beadboard paneling.

Vinyl Beadboard Paneling

While wooden beadboard paneling can be used in all of the rooms you can imagine installing beadboard, some people are concerned with the material itself.  If used on a ceiling in a screened in porch, water leakage and exposure to the elements might cause warping, or even rotting, of the beadboard ceiling you worked so hard to install.  This could also be an issue with wooden beadboard paneling used in bathrooms or even kitchens.  Because of this concern, home owners are now searching for vinyl beadboard paneling as an alternative to traditional wood.

Vinyl beadboard paneling - or at least the theory behind it - has a lot to do with the same problems faced with wooden decks and siding.  Since wood has to have constant care and regular replacement, it might be beneficial for a home owner to look into vinyl.  Beadboard paneling is no different; vinyl beadboard paneling is not, however, as easily located as vinyl siding or vinyl deck materials.  There are a few vinyl siding manufacturers who also make vinyl beadboard paneling, but you might have to do your homework.  It is not something that you can easily pick up at your local home improvement store: most of the time vinyl beadboard paneling must be special ordered.  This makes it much more expensive than traditional wood beadboard.  However, vinyl doesn't need the upkeep that wood does, and it doesn't need to be painted.  These advantages may outweigh the problems associated with vinyl beadboard paneling for some home owners.

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