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Victorian Historical Interior Color Schemes 1830-1920

Victorian Historical Interior Color Schemes 1830-1920

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June 19, 2006

 The 19th century Victorian style had a mixture of influence including Classical Greek, Neo-Baroque, Elizabethan, Queen Anne, Gothic, Colonial, and Egyptian. One thing for sure about the Victorian homes is the rooms were filled with furniture, fabric and many decorations.

The Victorian historical interior color schemes were rich and deep in color. Colors that resemble rubies, forests and gold were favored and used in important rooms. Although historical interior color schemes were bold, the hallways and entry rooms were a neutral color. Colors throughout the homes included: Amazon Moss, Bold Brick, Donegal Tweed, Mocha Accent, Medieval Forest, Tate Olive, Pebbled Courtyard, Claire de Lune and more. They also used different techniques of faux painting to give the illusions of expensive taste. What better way to make a house look like it contains stone or marble than by painting it.

Historical Interior Color Schemes

Many of the historical interior color schemes between 1860 and 1920 fall into the category of the Arts and Crafts Movement style, which began in the second half of the 19th century. This style is known to be natural and clean in color plus design. The added furniture to this style also gives a rustic feel, which is the focus of today's modern historical interior color schemes.

The historical interior color schemes of this era were definitely different. During this movement, color which contained chemical dyes were disliked because of the Industrial Revolution. Natural dyes were created to take its place and were very close to the colors used in the Middle Ages.

Today the historical interior color schemes of the Arts and Crafts style live on. They have warm tones emitting a comfortable and long living atmosphere. The historical interior color schemes always included a neutral ivory and beige along with accents of deep, mossy and woodland colors. Other historical interior color schemes or paint suggestions to consider: artifact, firebrick, toasted walnut, hazel woods, cozy cottage, distance and warm cocoon.

Historical Interior Color Schemes have become so popular that some of the major paint companies have developed complete paint schemes to help you with your historical reproduction efforts. You can find complete fan decks and color cards including primary, secondary and complimentary colors already chosen. Including historical interior color schemes in your décor has never been easier.

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