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Unified Door and Window Design Adds Subtle Elegance

Unified Door and Window Design Adds Subtle Elegance

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January 10, 2011

When adding new glass during a major remodel, thoughtful design often falls short. You have windows, you have doors--you tend to get replacement windows and just plop them in.

But unified glass presence across the face of a house will add elegance that subtly tells folks of the high respect you have for your home's appearance.

Window and Door Styles

A design expert can work with you to create matching window and door styles, whether it involves your entry and front of the house, or patio/deck doors and surrounding glass.

If you have leaded art glass in your door, carry that pattern to side lights for the door, and even extend it to upper or side panels of glass in your windows.

If your door glass is arched, then include matching arches over the neighboring windows; beveled edge of the windows if the door glass is beveled, and so forth.


Besides being a beauty consultant, your window designer will also guide you in the functionality of the glass. They will know the best use of glass for ventilation, view and décor, according the external elements around your house. For instance, improper ventilation patterns can mean your windows are heating the house when you really want to cool it, and vice versa. And your designer can guide you on how to use the low-e coatings on the glass to keep warmth in the house or out, depending on the climate and your needs.

They can give you window and door styles that maximize views; or if you have an unattractive view, they can give you window and door styles that minimize the view while still offering the elegance of attractive glass.

Your window and door styles need to be more than just an afterthought when you remodel. Properly designed, they are an integral element to the beauty of your home.

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