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Basic Information About Typical Brick Veneer Details

Basic Information About Typical Brick Veneer Details

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September 22, 2008

The term brick veneer can refer to two types of brick work.  Though the term traditionally means brick work that is placed on the exterior of a wall, such as siding for a home, this veneer covers a different type of wall, it can also refer to the type of brick work that does not require the use of mortar.  This second type of brick veneer wall is created by assembling a wall of bricks or brick like stones in a specific way to build a self sustaining wall without the use of mortar.  Regardless of the type of brick veneer you are referring to, typical brick veneer details are important to know before investing in a brick work wall.

Typical Brick Veneer Details

Typical brick veneer details will of course depend on what type of brick veneer you are talking about.  If you are referring to traditional brick veneer walls that use mortar and simply cover and existing wall, then the details are slightly easier, though this type of brick work is more expensive.  Typical brick veneer details for regular brick work involves the basic measurements of the wall you want to cover and of course the deconstruction of the siding or the material you are trying to cover up with typical brick veneer.  Details include knowing how many bricks you will need and how much mortar.  You will also need to hire a reputable stone mason to do the work.

Typical brick veneer details for brick veneer walls that do not require the use of mortar are both cheaper and easier to install.  In fact, you can usually install brick veneer like this on your own if you have basic skills.  But one of the most important typical brick veneer details to remember is that the wall you are installing needs to be within a frame of sorts.  The frame for the wall will support the wall.  This makes the veneer work and not need mortar.  If this is not possible, you may want to reexamine the typical brick veneer details of regular brick work before committing to a mortar-less brick veneer.

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