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Save On Energy Bills With a Two-Zone Set Back Thermostat

Save On Energy Bills With a Two-Zone Set Back Thermostat

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February 28, 2008

A two-zone setback thermostat saves energy by allowing you to "program" your house to be one temperature while you are away and another when you are home.  It also allows you to "program" your house to be different temperatures in two different areas or floors with a single heating and cooling unit.  It ensures that you don't pay to heat or cool an empty house and keep you from over heating or cooling your home while sleeping.

The fist step in installing a two-zone setback thermostat is to decide where your two zones are. In a two-story house the zones are normally the upper and lower floors.  Thermostats on each floor determine when your heating/cooling unit will run. Without both thermostats, your heating and cooling system could run constantly wasting money and energy. 

Two-zone Setback Thermostat  

Set back thermostats allow you to wake up to a warm house in the winter and arrive home to a nice cool home in the summer.  The thermostats turn on and off at specific times to insure that the temperature of your home is ideal for when you are there, not while you're gone.  If you're like me, you like a cool house in the summer, but do you really need it to be 70 degrees inside your home while you are at work?  Either without a setback thermostat you keep your house at one temperature, which wastes energy, or, you try to cut energy costs by turning the AC up when you leave for work only to arrive home to a hot house.  By programming a setback thermostat you can use less energy while gone and still arrive to a comfortably cool home.

Setting temperatures for two different areas is great for the busy family.  You can keep the downstairs hot or cool during dinner or family time while not heating or cooling the upstairs much at all.  Then, as bedtime approaches, you can program the two-zone setback thermostat to heat up or cool down the bedrooms while reducing the heating or cooling downstairs or in the areas used most before bedtime.

Two-zone setback thermostats only require one heating/cooling unit, but they do require the installation of dampers, which will open, or close depending on the programming of the thermostats. 

Cutting energy costs seem to be on everyone's mind these days and there are many ways to do it.  Installing a two-zone setback thermostat is easy and once installation is complete you'll see a lasting reduction in your energy costs.

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