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Making it Fit- Trim Siding After Installation

Making it Fit- Trim Siding After Installation

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December 3, 2007

It's always a great feeling when you finally accomplish something with your home that you have always wanted to do.  Installing new vinyl siding certainly falls into this category.  Siding has a lot of things going for it.  It is virtually maintenance free, adds value to your home, and is incredibly durable.  However like any home improvement project there are bound to be some snags you didn't foresee when you first started.  In the case of siding, you may discover that you have to trim siding after installation.  With a few helpful hints and tips you should be on your way to a professional looking job in no time.

There is no doubt that it can be disappointing to finish a large job like installing siding only to realize that some of the pieces aren't fitting exactly right.  You can trim siding after installation when necessary though.  Let's start by discussing aluminum siding first.  If you notice that you have product overhang in areas, the fix is to use metal sheers to trim the excess.  A crimper tool to fold over the sharp edge and make the job less obvious will have you finished in no time.  The important part is to remember that accidents happen and you can always repair any mistakes.

Trim Siding After Installation

Another situation where the need to trim siding after installation is in the case of the trim work itself.  Soffits, window trim, and door trim all fall into this category.  With doors and windows remember that it is necessary to start with the top of the fixture, then the sides, and finally install the bottom piece for the easiest method.  Be sure to have all the supplies and tools you need for the job on hand before you begin.  J channels and extra siding are typically very helpful for completing the job correctly.

Of course it is better to have the siding installation project come out perfectly.  In those situations when you have to trim siding after installation, be sure to get the advice you need before starting.  Once the job is complete, sit back and enjoy your hard work.

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