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Transitional Kitchen Designs

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June 20, 2006

Learn to Make to Make the Most of Your Space and Your Current Elements

Transitional kitchen designs are used to remodel outdated kitchens. The unique aspect of transitional kitchen designs is the fact that normally you'll combine styles like Traditional with Casual, or Formal with Contemporary.

The blending of styles is subtle while the results create a beautifully unique and functional kitchen. Key elements of an outdated design may be updated while other elements retain the original look. Planning the functionality and organization are the key factors to successful transitional kitchen designs.

Another benefit of transitional kitchen designs is the fact the cost is typically lower than a complete kitchen remodel. Key elements like cabinets can stay while other less expensive items can be replaced with newer styles.

Transitional Kitchen Designs

As you begin to plan traditional kitchen designs, one of the most important considerations is the functionality of your kitchen. There are three areas that are most used in the kitchen, the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink area. If all three of these areas are very close to each other, the result is poor traffic flow, with everyone scrunched into one small space of your entire kitchen. Try to place these items in a triangular pattern so each of these three primary areas are well separate from each other.

Next, you'll want to consider the current style of your kitchen and look for ways to create transitional kitchen designs based around the items you're planning to keep or only make minor changes on. For example, your cabinets may be great structurally, yet in need of re-facing. You can then begin to plan and organize based upon what will stay.

Think about how your kitchen is currently used. Does it do double duty as an office or as a place for school projects? Or perhaps it is a central meeting place when people drop by. As you look at transitional kitchen designs make sure to incorporate the specifics of your lifestyle, not just what is going to look great.

With planning and organization, you can achieve very functional and beautiful transitional kitchen designs.

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