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Interior House Painting: Tips on Painting Stucco Ceilings

Interior House Painting: Tips on Painting Stucco Ceilings

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October 15, 2007

Ah, the stucco ceiling.  What is it about this lovely yet frustrating substance that defies most home remodelers?  Is it the impossible texture?  The absorbent nature of the stucco itself?  Is it the madness that comes from trying to get enough paint on so that all the spaces are filled, but not so much paint that it drips down onto your head?  Indeed, it is safe to say that all of these things are part of the frustration that leads a first time ceiling painter to tips on painting stucco ceilings.

Some people won't even consider stucco ceilings because of the nature of the substance and the aggravation experienced by anyone who has ever tried to paint a stucco ceiling or knows anyone who has tried.  But there is no reason to avoid all homes with stucco ceilings just because the thought of painting them makes you bite your fingernails.  Following these tips on painting stucco ceilings can greatly enhance your stucco experience - or at least can lessen the annoyance.

Tips on Painting Stucco Ceilings

A few things are important to remember about stucco: stucco is a very absorbent material.  It will drink the paint out of your brush, so the first of the tips on painting stucco ceilings it to use a primer or base coat of paint.  A primer coat will not only cover any dark spots on the ceiling, it will also make the stucco less absorbent so you aren't losing so much paint.

The next of the tips on painting stucco ceilings is not to use too much pressure.  Sure, you're trying to get all the little cracks and crevices covered, but try not to take the texture off the ceiling with the brush.  Use a gentle stroke and a soft brush; hard bristles and hard stokes will bring the texture right down onto your head.

Use different levels and types of lighting when you are painting.  Some tips on painting stucco ceilings leave this part out, and this is an important point: in order to see all the places where you brush may have missed, you will need different types of light and different levels or brightness of light.  Also, putting your lamp at different angles around the room can help, too. 

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