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Tips for Selecting Interior Painting Colors

Tips for Selecting Interior Painting Colors

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February 23, 2010

Interior painting is a fun way to change your home design, but many people get confused when selecting colors. How many should you use, and what's the best way to coordinate them?

You may find that some people use a different paint color in every room. Though that might be inviting from an artistic perspective, it can be jolting to the eye.

Interior Painting 1, 2, 3

The solution depends on your personality, as some people like a little more flair than others. One general design rule is to use no more than two or three paint colors throughout a house. You can use variations of the shades, but stick with the main color palette.

Start by drawing a diagram of each floor and evaluating your existing paint palette. Which colors do you want to keep, and which should you change? If you love earth tones but have a few primary colors mixed in, you can replace the bold, primary colors with new earth tones.

Selecting Interior Painting Colors

Let's say your favorite interior painting colors are sage and cranberry. There are at least three or four variations in the shading of each color, so you have many possible combinations. For example, you might want a dark sage in the dining room to blend with your oriental rug, followed by a lighter sage in the hallway. When you get to the kitchen, the walls pop with the dark cranberry. Round out the space with a softer cranberry in the breakfast room.

This type of interior painting scheme can be appealing to the eye. Toss in pillows, rugs, and other accessories with the same palette, and the whole house flows. Ideally, you should be able to move pillows and rugs from room to room and have them fit in. That's the sign of a great interior painting scheme.

Involve Your Painting Contractor

When interviewing a painting contractor, ask for advice on color selection. The ultimate choice is yours, but many painting contractors understand how color can help highlight architectural details like a stained-glass window or the slight hint of blue in your oriental rug. They may also know which shade of your favorite colors blends with your furniture, and how to get the right painting finish.

Interior painting can be a fun project that leaves its mark for years to come. Plan out your painting colors carefully so you create the flow and burst of colors that you want.

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