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Top Tips for Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Top Tips for Refinishing Hardwood Floors

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January 16, 2008

There are several advantages to having hardwood floors.  They are beautiful, go well with any décor, and are durable and easy to maintain.  Of course there will come a time when the floors will need a little upkeep and it is important to be prepared.  Refinishing hardwood floors is more time consuming than it is difficult.  It also helps to have some helpful tips for refinishing hardwood floors if you have never done it before.  Many people are unpleasantly surprised when they discover that the simplest precautions prevent damage to the finish before it has time to cure.  If you have decided it's time to refinish your hardwood floors keep these tips in mind:

Tips for Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Preparation is the key element to ensuring the perfect finish you want to see on your floors at the end of the project.  Naturally you will have to remove all furniture from the room before you get started.  It is also a good idea to clean the room, ceiling fans, and windowsills thoroughly before you reach the staining phase of this project.  Dust and other tiny debris can create blemishes in the new stain if they get into it while it dries.  While not directly related to the floor, using old sheets or plastic sheeting to protect your furniture from wood dust is among the useful tips for refinishing hardwood floors.  You don't want to get your project completed only to discover you have to deep clean your upholstery as well.

Once you have completed the refinishing process, you may want to protect all of your hard work and investment from unnecessary damage.  Purchase chair guides to ensure that chair legs don't damage the floor.  Protective coverings on table legs are a good idea as well.  Be sure you have given the stain and protective coating on the floor time to dry thoroughly so there is no preventable damage done.  The only thing left to do is sit back and enjoy the refinished natural beauty of your floors.  Most finishes last several years as long as the hardwood floors are properly cared for and protected.

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