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Tiled Fireplace Hearth Design and Restoration

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August 30, 2006

Optional Elements for a Tiled Fireplace Hearth Design

There is nothing more stunning than a well put together tiled fireplace hearth design. To do the job the right way it takes some planning and a little artistic ability if you want a unique creation.

If this is your first time dealing with tile there are some things you must know before embarking on a project such as this. First the types of tiles you can use are optional. The color of the tiles can be different or the same if you prefer. The shape and the grout color are also optional.

Tiles can come in ceramic, glass, porcelain, terra cotta and natural stone. This is important to create the specific look you are after. You may want a stone look, which leaves you looking for stone color. Some tile colors may be red, green, blue, grey, or more.

Tiled Fireplace Hearth Design

In your tiled fireplace hearth design do you want everything to be the same size and color all the way across or do you want accent pieces in various areas? Accent tiles can be big, small, different colored, different shaped or other. Sometimes putting a few tiles in shaped like a diamond will give an added affect. Pictured accent tiles are common too.

Although some people may want different looking patterns to distinguish their fireplace and hearth from others", you can also make yours look traditional and classic with the same style of tile all the way around.

If you already have the tiled fireplace hearth design of your dreams but its beginning to look a bit worn, here are some tips. Damaged tiles can be repaired or replaced. This is where restoration comes in especially when it comes to a historic tiled fireplace hearth design and those that add to the value of your home.

To replace your broken tile, you will have to chip it out along with some of the cement. This will give you the room to add adhesive for the new tile or tiles needed.

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