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Tile Pattern Guide - Assert Your Own Artful Statement

Tile Pattern Guide - Assert Your Own Artful Statement

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December 12, 2005

Use a tile pattern guide to create designs and themes with tile.

Tile is a wonderful asset for any home. Not only does tile help to increase the value of your home, you basically can create any design or picturesque theme with tile and a tile pattern guide. From walls, to counters, to floors a tile pattern guide can be used to artistically brand your area into almost any theme or statement you want.

The tile pattern guide is simply that: a guide designed to be used when installing tile in a particular pattern or theme. Different shaped tiles, colors and even different types can be used in the same area to create a customized display in any area you choose.

If your creative juices aren't flowing, yet you still want variances in your tiling, you can purchase a pre-designed tile pattern guild. Some of the basic patterns are basket weave, herringbone, diamond herring bone, barred square, broken joint, pinwheel and interlocking spiral to name just a few choices.

Tile Pattern Guide

Using a tile pattern guide, multiple variations can be created even with one guide. The size of the tiles, the colors, and special cutting can be accommodated to create a wealth of choices.

The patterns mentioned above use basic size tiles to complete the design in the tile pattern guide. Only basic cutting and placement is required. Patterns that are more involved are available and can be created. These typically are best installed by a professional. Depending on the complexity of a tile pattern guide, the cutting and laying of the tile can be difficult for a beginner or inexperienced person to accomplish.

You can create your own tile pattern guide, take it to a professional and get quotes for the installation. This is a relatively simple process. Simply commit the design you want to paper. The professional can then calculate the materials necessary, and the cost of installation.

To find out more about tile pattern guides.

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