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Three Lawncare Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Summer Yard

Three Lawncare Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Summer Yard

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June 18, 2010

Tired of eyeing your neighbor's lush green lawn with envy, then glancing at your own withered, yellowing lawn with disdain? Fret not--having the greenest lawn on your block isn't as hard as you think.

Step 1: Aerate

As your soil becomes compacted, it loses its ability to circulate air, drain water and absorb nutrients. Regular lawn aeration--punching small, three-inch-deep holes in your lawn--gives your grass a better base in which to grow. Aeration helps grass grow better because water, air, and fertilizer get closer to the roots, allowing them to grow more deeply.

A handheld aerating tool--think a drum with spikes on it--gets the job done, but landscaping contractors can do a much better job.

Step 2: Dethatch

Thatch is slowly decomposting grass, dead roots, and debris that's embedded in your lawn. Much like compacted soil, accumulated thatch also prevents your grass from proper growth. Thatching rakes basically "comb" your lawn and removed accumulated dead material. While handheld rakes can be found for $10 to $20, the work can be tiresome and you might consider hiring a landscaping contractor. It's best to do the job in the spring and fall.

Step 3: Fertilize

There are a few popular seeding and fertilizing lawncare products on the market. From greening an existing lawn to repairing bare and thin spots, you can inquire with your landscaper or home improvement store to find the appropriate products for your yard.

A green lawn not only makes a yard more visually appealing, it's also a symbol of pride. If lawn care is not your specialty, or you are too pressed for time to dedicate yourself to the task, consider hiring a landscaping contractor to repair and whip your lawn into proper shape this summer.

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