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Home Remodel Ideas: Master Bedroom

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May 17, 2005

The Master Bedroom -- Creating an Oasis of Luxury and Comfort

(ARA) - The trend in the designing of new homes and home remodel ideas today is to surround the occupant in comfort and convenience. This is no more evident than in the master bedroom. The master bedroom is the place where the homeowner can design an oasis of comfort and luxury.

For some, this can be accomplished with the creation of a romantic, Old World-inspired getaway in which to relax and unwind from their hectic schedules. For others, when creating their personal haven, the dream is accomplished with a more sleek, high-tech European style of decorating. In either case, amenities will abound, and no matter what your decorating preference, here are some popular home remodel ideas pamper yourself.

When creating either a romantic or high-tech atmosphere, an eclectic combination of furniture pieces will create a personal refuge or escape. It's nice to include pieces with special meaning or history, if possible. Of course, the romantic bedroom must include luxurious pillows, throws, duvets and other accessories to help create an atmosphere reminiscent of a villa in Tuscany or manor house in Wales. A chandelier over the bed or over each nightstand is an option for an elegant and unique lighting alternative. Additional lighting might come from a palladium window with a beautiful view.

No matter what you add for accents, the combination of opulent, classic details is key in developing an Old World theme. Voluminous plants and ferns add to the romantic feel of the room. Artwork, in beautiful gilded frames, completes the look of the perfect romantic escape.

But the high tech devotee might tap the European trend of combining an eclectic blend of sleek, contemporary styles, mixing and matching stained wood with glass and metal. The high-tech bedroom suite will stress functionality and have less ornamentation. The bed will likely be a platform, decorated with simple tailored pillows and no fussy ornamentation. Colors will be monochrome, in tweed or geometric patterns that blend easily.

The room might be lighted with commercial-style fixtures and sconces such as aimable halogens and pharmacy styles. Additional lighting will be from skylights above. Windows will be plain and uncurtained or with the most minimal addition of a cornice over shades. The placement of a simple flower (tulip or calla lily) in a plain cylinder vase on the dresser or a few branches of dried curly willow in a simple pot will provide a nice foil to an otherwise angular room. Artwork will be minimal, such as a large, unframed, abstract oil painting over the bed and the addition of a few simply matted black-and-white photos in plain frames around the room.

Home Remodel Ideas: Master Bathroom

No matter which home remodel ideas is to your liking, no master bedroom is complete without a large master bathroom. The bathroom might begin with a shared shower with steam bath and specialty shower fixtures (rows of body sprays, waterfall showerheads, thermostatically controlled valves to provide the exact, constant water temperature, or additional handheld shower heads). To this, we would need to add a two person whirlpool or soaking tub, separate his and her toilet areas and, of course, a bidet for the lady.

No bathroom would be complete without to dual vanities (which can be placed at different heights to accommodate different statures) and medicine cabinets that are deep, are lighted from within and contain power outlets for electrical gadgets. The mirrors are heated so they don't steam up. Floors are limestone or marble and are radiant heated for comfort.

Usually, the master bedroom and master bathroom are on the same heating zone. To solv

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