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The Challenges of Finding a Contractor

The Challenges of Finding a Contractor

Looking For a Local Contractor Fast?

October 25, 2006

Easy steps to help you find a qualified contractor

There are contractors for all different types of work whether it is electrical, plumbing, siding, gutter work, HVAC or other construction issues. Finding a contractor is easy but finding one who is qualified and will do a great job can take a little time and patience. But that time and patience can result in years of satisfaction. Moving too quickly can result in troubles and repairs.

You should always ask about a contractor's experience. Find out if they are the one who will obtain permits and coordinate appropriate inspections. Licensing and registration should also be established in a conversation. Make sure they are carrying proper insurance for protection.

Finding a contractor who will do a good job may require you to interview three or more candidates if possible. Get references and a bid from each. Make sure you take the time to contact the references. Where applicable ask for pictures of completed projects.

Terms of payment when finding a contractor should also be clear. If they ask for a large down payment this is a definite red flag in any industry. Ten percent at most should go down until the work is completed.

Finding a Contractor

Another option for payment if the job will last for a while is payment at the end of preset completion points. Make sure everything is clear and extremely specific in the contract before any money changed hands or any work begins. You should both have a copy in case there are any discrepancies.

You can never be too careful when finding a contractor. You can always contact the Better Business Bureau if you are not satisfied with hearing from their references or if the contractors" references were unreachable.

If there are going to be more than one worker, establish who will be in charge of decisions pertaining to your project. This person should be easy to talk to and follow orders well.

Check warranty information and causes that may void warranty offers. Just because a contractor is cheaper doesn't always mean that they are the best ones for the job.  

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