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Surviving Your Bathroom Renovation

Surviving Your Bathroom Renovation

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September 18, 2009

Considering the plans and budget for a bathroom remodel project can strike panic to even the most level-headed homeowner. Beginning a bathroom renovation when you have only a single bath in the home can really put you and your family on edge. Given your best planning, the project is still bound to be disruptive, noisy, and may cost more than you thought.

But there's hope. You can arrange for temporary toilet and shower facilities during the renovation, and you can minimize the burdens of displacement through careful planning. Let's look at some ways to ease the transition to a remodeled bathroom:

  • Plan and Order Bathroom Materials Ahead of Schedule
    You may be temporarily displaced for as long as a few weeks. There's no reason to extend the agony due to poor planning. Be sure you or your bathroom contractor has itemized and ordered all the components--lighting, fixtures, hardware, paint, electrical, plumbing--before the start date. Make sure all the necessary permits and local approvals are set in action.
  • Make Bathroom Arrangements Before the Renovation
    If you've decided to bring in a portable toilet, contact local companies and arrange for its arrival by your start date. Some homeowners install temporary outdoor showers or shower stalls and sinks in the garage before tackling the bath remodeling. Consider showering at a local gym or health club. If you have arrangements with neighbors for the use of facilities, remind them before the workers arrive.

Perhaps it's a good time to rent a motel room for the most disruptive days. Some contractors will even install a "loaner" toilet that fits in another room or garage. And don't forget: holding your contractors to the agreed schedule can spare plenty of heartache.

About the Author: Woodrow Aames has written articles and profiles for Yahoo, Microsoft Network, Microsoft Encarta, and other websites and print magazines around the world. He holds an MFA degree and has taught English abroad.
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