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Summertime Is the Perfect Time for Exterior Painting

Summertime Is the Perfect Time for Exterior Painting

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July 12, 2010

Exterior painting of your home requires dry, sunny days. Those long, lazy weeks of summertime are the perfect opportunity to get the job done! Even if a few rainstorms cause a delay, you still have ample time to finish the work before the leaves begin to fall.

The Basics of Exterior Painting

If you have a larger house with many angles and a lot of trim, consider hiring a painting contractor to get into all those delicate nooks and crannies. If you decide the exterior painting job on your home is one you can tackle, consider these tips to make the process easier:

  • Choose the best paint colors, accent paints, and paint type for your exterior. Consult the experts at your local paint store or contact a painting contractor for advice.
  • Give your home a thorough cleaning with a pressure washer, followed by a spot cleaning with a scraper. A clean surface makes your paint job look better and last longer.
  • Always paint the trim first, and let it dry thoroughly before you move on to painting the larger surfaces. This prevents ladder marks on your brand-new paint job!
  • Start painting on the west side of your home and move toward the east to avoid painting while in direct sunlight, which tends to get uncomfortably hot.
  • The type of exterior you have can determine which tools you use. Wide brushes, various types of rollers, and even an airless spray machine are all options for your exterior painting job.
  • Finally, dispose of unused paint properly, or donate it to someone who needs it. Clean all brushes and other equipment thoroughly, and then stand back and admire your hard work in the late summer sun!

Have more painting questions? Ask a contractor.

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