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Mid-Summer To-Do's: Exterior Painting and Landscaping

Mid-Summer To-Do's: Exterior Painting and Landscaping

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July 26, 2010

Summer months are for the great outdoors. Make sure your home is improving your neighborhood's great outdoor image this summer by focusing on your exterior painting and landscaping.

Exterior Painting: A Fresh Outlook

Keeping your home painted protects your investment from harsh temperatures in the summer. Wood siding, trim, and eaves expand and contract as the temperature changes, causing your paint to crack. If bare wood is exposed around your windows or on your siding, you could be vulnerable to moisture issues when cool weather returns.

A painting contractor can save you the arduous task of exterior painting. Expect to pay a thousand dollars or more depending on the size of your home and the details that make your home unique.

Landscaping: Form and Function

Frank Lloyd Wright is famous for saying that when considering architecture, form and function should be one. His buildings demonstrate this maxim in many ways. The same can be said for landscaping.

While getting your house ready for summer, make sure the form of your landscaping enhances the function of your lifestyle.

Elements of landscaping can match the form of your intended function:

  • Lawn: Do you use an expanse of grass for croquet and other sports, or do you just mow it and water it?
  • Flower Beds: Would an herb garden enhance your summer menu? Then add some chives and rosemary and take out the impatiens this summer.
  • Outdoor Furniture: Position your furniture, firepit, and lighting where you can use them most, and near the best view of your backyard.
  • Trees: Plant shade trees where you want shade and privacy. Plant fruit trees for your favorite pie filling or to can.

Now for the rest of the summer? Relax and enjoy it!

About the author: Leslie A.M. Smith lives in a 1929 house in Long Beach, California. When she isn't fixing things and redecorating, she is a freelance writer and public relations consultant.

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