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Stop Drafts with Wood Door Weather-stripping

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November 22, 2006

Find out how to make your room cozy and draft-free.

If your rooms are drafty and hard to maintain constant temperature check the weather-stripping around your wood doors. Worn and torn wood door weather-stripping can rob the room of comfortable air. Drafty air movement can also add to the cost of your heating and cooling bills. Wood door weather-stripping is inexpensive. The cost is only around three to six dollars a door and can quickly make your home more comfortable.

One of the first things you should do is to check the size of your door. Check to ensure that the air coming through the door isn't caused by something else such as a loose hinge. Once you have sized your weather-strips you can then begin the search for new ones.

Wood Door Weather-stripping

Wood door weather-stripping is important for your wood doors to keep an airtight seal. One of the biggest challenges of replacing wood door weather-stripping usually stems from color. It may be difficult to find the same color as an old one or one that matches your type of wood door.

If you need a hard to find weather-strip than you should check with the business that sold you your door or the manufacturer. You may also have luck with a door repair service if you are not sure where the door came from. At least they may know where you can get the wood door weather-stripping that you need.

Wood door weather-stripping is not the only choice you have for weather-stripping. You can choose foam which is durable and keeps its shape. Metal weather-stripping screws in, vinyl and silicone is good for covering smaller gaps. When deciding what type to use, simply use the type that will be easiest for you to install.

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