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8 Smashing Steps to Quick Window Repair

8 Smashing Steps to Quick Window Repair

Looking For a Windows Contractor Fast?

October 5, 2009

Every homeowner dreads the sound: the unmistakable smashing noise of a broken window. Whether caused by a neighborhood baseball game gone awry or that fallen branch thrown by a storm, that window needs to be fixed as quickly as possible.

Here are the basics for cleaning up that window and preparing for the replacement glass:

  1. Clean up the glass. Before you do anything else, make the area safe. Clean up the glass from the floor, then start on the window itself. Wear protective gloves as you pull the shards of glass from the window. Put them in a heavy-duty cardboard box and seal it closed to ensure no one gets hurt.
  2. Consider the window. What kind of window was broken? If it is a single pane window, you might be able to replace the glass yourself. However, insulated windows or large jobs may require the help of a professional. If this is the case, find a list of window repair contractors in your area and give one a call as soon as you can.
  3. Remove the putty. Your old window frame should have putty still attached. Remove it carefully with a putty knife, taking care not to damage the frame as you work.
  4. Keep going or stop? If you have called a window repair contractor to handle the job, this is where you should stop and let them take over. While you wait, use a thick piece of cardboard or plastic to cover the window, and seal it well around the edges with tape.
  5. Add a thin layer of putty. If you are going to install the new window yourself, apply a thin layer of putty to replace the old. This should provide a nice "cushion" for your new window glass.
  6. Place the glass and glazier's points. The new piece of glass should be only a fraction smaller than the frame. Press the glass into the putty and hold in place as you set the glazier's points. There are small points that go around the edges of the glass and hold it firmly in place.
  7. Apply new putty. When the points are in place, roll new putty along the edges of the window. Use a putty knife or glazing tool to press the putty firmly into place.
  8. Paint is the finishing touch. Apply new paint to the putty and frame in order to achieve a uniform look.

A good window repair job can mean the difference between a drafty fix and a solid, secure window. If you have doubts about doing the repair yourself, don't hesitate to contact a window repair contractor.

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