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The Benefits of Split Level Ranch House Designs

The Benefits of Split Level Ranch House Designs

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August 19, 2008

When it comes to picking a home to raise children in, there are few styles of homes that can compete with the split level ranch house designs.  These versatile homes offer privacy, recreation space, and durability that simply can't be matched with any other kind of house.  Even though many of the split level ranch house designs are very similar to each other, they do allow for plenty of individual character designs and décor.  From the outside, your house might look like every other one on the street.  The interior on the other hand, is all about you and your family.  Here is a look at why this type of home might be just what you are looking for.

It's not like you have to have children to enjoy living in one of the split level ranch house designs.  They were originally designed for this use though, and it shows.  These kinds of houses are known for giving homeowners plenty of space, conveniently arranged.  At the front entrance of these kinds of homes you can expect to see two short staircases.  One goes up to the main floor where you will find a living room, dining room, kitchen, and bath.  Some homes feature bedrooms on this floor as well, while others have a 4th floor for that purpose.  The staircase going down from the entrance leads to the basement family room, garage, and laundry room.  The idea is to ensure that all members of the family have the space they need.

Split Level Ranch House Designs

Another reason why split level ranch house designs are so popular with families is because they tend to be relatively easy to maintain.  It's rare to find one of these houses with hard to find materials inside.  This means that simple home repairs will only require finding a good contractor and buying standard building materials. 

Whether you are getting ready to raise a family or just need some affordable extra space, the split level ranch house designs are worth looking into.

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