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Should I Add a Split Entry Addition to My Home?

Should I Add a Split Entry Addition to My Home?

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February 20, 2008

If you live in a home with a split entry - this can be a bi-level home, a tri-level home, or a split level home - you may want to add on to the house.  Most split entry homes are not very large, and if your family has grown, you may be thinking of a split entry addition rather than going through the hassle and headache of purchasing a new house, selling your current house, and uprooting and moving your entire family.

While it is possible to add more actual square footage to some split entry homes, the cost of a split entry addition may not be worth the small amount of space you would be gaining.  Since split entry homes are made with no actual ground level floor, you would have to either add a split entry addition to the lower level - which is most often underground - or to the upper level - which is raised above the ground level.  Both of these options would require quite a lot of construction and would most likely be more costly then moving.

Split Entry Addition

If you are simply looking to add on a little outdoor space to your home, a good option for a split entry addition would be a deck or front porch.  Both of these options would not require any major reconstruction of the house, and would also not be nearly as costly as the addition of any entire new room on either the upper or lower level of the house.

A split entry addition like a deck would of course be off the back of the house and would be elevated to the height of the upper level of the house.  Elevated decks are a little more difficult to build than ground level decks (for obvious reasons) but they can still be built by the average weekend home remodeler, provided you own the correct tools and have good instructions.  A front porch would be the easiest split entry addition since it would be on ground level at the front of the house.  This split entry addition would more likely be something you could do on your own or with a little help from a decking contractor.

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