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The Importance of Smoke and Fire Detectors

The Importance of Smoke and Fire Detectors

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October 9, 2007

Most of us wouldn't dream of spending the night in a place without a working smoke and fire detector.  These essential devices double the odds of surviving a home fire and are attributed to saving more lives than any other "insurance" policy against fire.  The chances are very good you are more than familiar with these helpful tools; however a refresher course and handy reminders are always a good idea.  When you are through reading, make sure you go and check out the condition of your fire and smoke detectors.

No one will argue that it's kind of a drag when your smoke and fire detectors go off because you accidentally burned dinner.  It happens, but what happens when the situation is truly an emergency?  Smoke and fire detectors are designed to notify the occupants of a building if smoke toxins in the air reach a certain level.  This is especially helpful at night when you are less likely to notice the pronounced scent of smoke through your sleep induced haze.

Smoke and Fire Detectors

There are two main types of smoke and fire detectors.  The first is probably the most common, the battery powered type.  This type of detector is incredibly effective if people bother to maintain them.  They typically work from 9 volt batteries.  An easy way to remember to check the battery life is twice a year during daylight saving changes.  In more recently built homes, the smoke and fire detectors may be built into the home's electrical system.  You are thinking that the electricity goes off during a fire and you would be correct.  These units are designed with a back up battery to keep them operational in the event you lose power.

There is really no need to allow something as important as your smoke and fire detectors to not be maintained.  Most are equipped with a test button.  All you have to do is push the button and wait for the beep.  If it's not there, you know the battery needs to be changed right away. It is also important to have a detector on each floor of the house and outside of the bedrooms.

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