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Size Doesn't Matter: Creating Dream Small House Plans

Size Doesn't Matter: Creating Dream Small House Plans

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July 3, 2006

Finding small house plans to suit your budget, your tastes, and your needs can seem like an impossible task. By taking inventory of your needs and comparing plans, you can find small house plans that will make your new home a dream.

While the budget is important when choosing small house plans, let's start with your needs. Where do you spend most of your time when you're at home? Bedroom, living room, or kitchen? Whatever the answer, that's the area where you'll want to concentrate.

The area you spend most of your time should provide you with space, functionality, and the décor you want. Keep this in mind as you review small house plans. If you have to make another room smaller do it. Why would you want to waste space in an area where you'll spend little of your time? You'll want to make sure the traffic pattern of the plan you choose will work for you and your family's lifestyle. Also, evaluate whether there's wasted space in hallways, entryways, and other areas. Small spaces can be designed with optimal function in mind. That's what you'll want from the small house plans: Small square footage with excellent functionality.

Small House Plans

Small house plans are available in a wide array of architectural styles. If you don't have a particular style in mind, browse through many, cape cod, traditional ranch, country. This will give you some ideas and help you identify your particular likes and dislikes.

As you're browsing, make lists of things you find particularly interesting or pleasing. Often even if you don't choose that specific small house plans, you can modify the one you choose to include certain things on your lists.

If you're having trouble choosing from your sources of small house plans, you may want to consider having your own created by an architect. While this may seem extravagant, in reality, it is one sure way to make certain, you get what you want in the space you want it.

Building a house is a big step. Don't take choosing from small house plans lightly. Remember, you're going to be living in the space. Make sure it suits you.

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