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The Beauty of a Small Hot Tub

The Beauty of a Small Hot Tub

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July 15, 2008

We live in a society that claims bigger is better. If it can be found in a bigger size, most people will buy it. While it's true that sometimes size proves an advantage, there are also circumstances where the opposite is true.   Bigger isn't always necessarily better.  For example, not everyone wants a huge hot tub.  They can be expensive and time consuming to take care of.  Besides that, what if you only have one other person you want to share it with?  At that point, all of the extra space is just wasted.  Overall, small hot tub choices can be a bit limited, but with the right contractor you can have exactly what you want.

If you think outside the box, you can create more small hot tub options than you first thought possible.  Most people don't put these diminutive tubs outside, but that is certainly a choice if you wish.  They are far more likely to be found inside, where true privacy and intimacy can be found.  Inside the house, you might to consider the master bathroom or an enclosed section of the family room for your small hot tub location.

Small Hot Tub 

Let's get back to that master bathroom idea.  Since the small hot tub selections at most retailers are a little limited, you might want to consider having your contractor transform your regular bathtub.  Believe it or not, most bathtubs can be retrofitted to have jets, seats, and massage features just like a hot tub of any size.  These types of hot tubs are perfect for couples or the athlete that needs a bit of aquatic R and R after a strenuous workout. 

Don't let size constraints or personal preference stop you from getting what you want and need out of a hot tub.  The small hot tub options can be modified to fit any situation.  Talk to your contractor to learn all about his or her ideas before you settle on just one.

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