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Sheetrock Flaw Repair: Finding the Damage

Sheetrock Flaw Repair: Finding the Damage

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May 15, 2008

Sheetrock flaw repair lets you cover up the flaw so it's not apparent on the wall or ceiling.  A flaw in your sheetrock can ruin the appearance of a room or hallway even after all your decorating efforts. Flaws occur for a number of reasons.  Sometimes the sheetrock is chipped or broken during transport.  Other times you create the flaw by accidentally knocking something into the wall that creates a dent.  Hiding the flaw is the goal of the repair.

Sheetrock flaws include chips, dents, scratches and small broken corners.  When you spend money on sheetrock during new construction, it only makes sense to repair the flaw instead of replacing the whole piece.  In an existing home, a sheetrock flaw may not become apparent until after the wall is painted, or the homeowner creates the flaw.  In all cases, you want to repair the flaw so it doesn't show once the wall or ceiling is painted or repainted.

Sheetrock Flaw Repair

It's not hard to repair small dents and cracks.  If the flaw is really small, you can use spackling compound to fill the dent.  Once the compound dries, you then sand it until the wall is smooth again.  The final step is to repaint the wall or touch up the spot with new paint if you're able to blend the new with the existing paint.

When a sheetrock flaw requires more extensive repair, it may be necessary to cut out a small area of the wall.  You have to cut out a piece large enough to enable you to nail a new sheetrock piece to the studs.  You replace the flawed sheetrock with the new sheetrock.  The seams must then be re-taped, mud applied, the mud sanded and the wall repainted.

Some small holes or dents in the sheetrock can be repaired simply by applying sheetrock repair tape over the offending spot.  You then follow the same procedure of mudding, sanding and painting. 

Sheetrock flaw repair is not difficult, but you have to take care to sand the caulking or mud so there's no ridges or valleys.  Some people who attempt to repair the sheetrock on their own don't take the time to insure the wall is smooth before painting.  It's hard to believe, but the flaw will stand out on the wall even after painting. 

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