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Wall to Wall Details: Sheetrock Basics

Wall to Wall Details: Sheetrock Basics

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February 20, 2008

When you are looking at sheetrock basics, you are really only interested in the three major parts of the drywall or sheetrock process: measuring, hanging the ceiling, and hanging the walls.  While there are many other details that need to be addressed during the process, the sheetrock basics are very simple when broken down into these three steps.  Keep in mind that if you do not have the correct tools or the skill to do these things yourself, you may be better off having a professional contractor do this work for you.

The first part is laying out your sheetrock.  Sheetrock basics begin with the measuring part of the process, but keep in mind that you need to pay attention to where the sheetrock will actually go.  Make sure that you measure the panels of sheetrock to lie on the joists so that the joints of the sheetrock are in the center of the joists.  This will help you nail or screw the panels in place.  Another part of sheetrock basics is actually measuring and cutting the panels of sheetrock.  Use a t-square to measure and make sure your edges are square.  Score the sheetrock panels and break the panels at the scored mark. 

Sheetrock Basics

You will want to hang the ceiling first, and then put the walls up last; this will enable the walls to hold up the ceiling panels.  The second part of sheetrock basics is hanging the ceiling, so hold the ceiling panel up and either screw or nail the panel into the joist.  You will want to put the first screw or nail into the center of the panel first before you do the ends of the panel.  In order to prevent cracking in the sheetrock, you will want to install the panels perpendicular to the joists.

Hanging the walls of the room is the last part of the sheetrock basics process.  However, like every other part of sheetrock basics, you will need to be sure that you are attaching the panels in the center of the framing studs.  Also be sure you have measured and scored and cut the sheetrock panels before you begin attaching them to the framing. 

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