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Techniques for Sealing Floor Grout and Tile

Techniques for Sealing Floor Grout and Tile

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January 21, 2008

Most people are just relieved to grout their new tile floors and don't necessarily think about the importance of sealing floor grout and tile.  Failing to do so is a bad idea of a number of reasons.  One being the grout will become dirty faster and not stay in place for as long as it could if you or your contractor had sealed it in the first place.  Also depending on the type of tile you have, natural materials, like slate or marble can stain from spill if it doesn't have anything protecting it from the spilled substances.  On the plus side, sealing grout and tile is really pretty simple and doesn't take a lot of money or time to complete. 

Sealing Floor Grout and Tile

While the use of porous materials like terra cotta and slate are going in popularity for floors, many people choose to stick with the traditional basic glazed ceramic tiles.  One of the advantages when using ceramic tiles is that they are already sealed.  The only thing you will have to do after installing and grouting the tiles is seal the grout itself.  This process helps to make the floor more water resistant and protect your investment.  It is recommended to wait a few weeks to let the grout set fully first though.  Silicone or water based grout sealer is the most effective for sealing floor tile and grout.

The beauty and durability of natural tile materials can't be overstated.  However when it comes time to seal these materials, you will need to seal the entire floor.  Of course since you don't have to be careful about protecting the tile from the sealer it's pretty simple.  It doesn't get much easier than using an acrylic top coat to seal the entire thing.  Failing to do so results in your beautiful floor showing stains and other damage.  Every few years it will be necessary to reapply the top coat.  Other than that, the only thing you have to do is be sure to not use any type of cleaner containing ammonia in the floor since it strips the top coat and would require you to reapply more frequently.

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