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Explore Your Options With Roofing Styles

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February 6, 2008

When most people look at a house, the roof is likely to be one of the last things to add to the visual appeal of a home.  Actually roofing styles play a huge role in the appearance of a house and have a great deal to do with important factors like the interior design of the house and the easiest potential possibilities for home additions and remodels.  Roofs are also very important in terms of architecture.  The style of the roof helps to identify the home as a Victorian, modern, or Gothic structure just to name a few.  Any well informed homeowner should take the time to learn a bit about the all important roof and here is your chance:

Roofing Styles

Your roof does more than just keep you dry and warm.  It also is an integral part of the overall look and feel of your home.  There are many roof styles used, but most of them come from the two most common styles.  For our purposes here we will start with the Gabled.  The Gabled roofs are the most popular.  Everyone has seen one even if they don't know it.  These roofs have deeply slanted sides and reach a peak in the center.  The front door of the home can be located with the peak rising proudly above or to the side with the slope showing to the front.  Larger homes may have more than one peak and those are called cross gabled homes.

The other of the common roofing styles is hipped.  While a hipped roof may make you kind of hip hop, it's a much older style than that.  The hipped roof is more low pitched than the gabled and allows for the creation of visually interesting eaves on a home.  This style allows for easy removal of rain and snow like the gabled though.  It is joined by the cross hipped roof.  Either way, these types of roofs are excellent for homes with large, wrap around porches.

The next time you are looking at your own or someone else's home; you can distinguish between the roofing styles and decide what you think of each one.

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