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The Best Roof Ventilation Methods for Your Type of Home

The Best Roof Ventilation Methods for Your Type of Home

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April 29, 2008

Most home owners will tell you that the first thing they thought about when assessing their home or building a new home was definitely not roof ventilation methods.  In fact, this is not something that home owners really concern themselves with until it becomes a problem.  But regardless of the propensity for people to ignore it, roof ventilation is a must.

Roof Ventilation Methods

So why is getting the right roof ventilation methods for your home so important?  It has to do with both heat and moisture.  In the summer months - or, if you live in a warm and dry or warm and humid climate - heat will build in your attic.  This space will become stifling and over the months this heat will not be able to dissipate if there are not proper roof ventilation methods in place.  This can elevate the cost of cooling your home, thereby wasting money and energy.  Also, moisture both from the outside and from the inside of your home can accumulate in the attic.  Proper roof ventilation methods will keep this moisture from ruining insulation in the attic.

Some of the most energy and cost efficient roof ventilation methods are ones that use wind movement.  These are essentially simple vents that are installed into the attic space.  The air inlets are lower and allow for cooler air to move into the attic.  The outlets are higher and the warm air is pushed out with the movement of the wind.  Power roof ventilation methods like attic fans and exhaust fans are also an option, though they are more costly because they require more work for installation and they use electricity to work.  Fan powered roof ventilation methods are another option, and they are usually a lot more reliable than other types of power ventilation methods like attic fans.  Attic fans are only used in home without air conditioning whereas fan powered ventilation can be used in any home.

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