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Common Roof Types

Common Roof Types

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February 6, 2008

It could be that you and your family are considering designing and building a new home, you could also just be tired of not understanding those conversations about home construction that come up.  If for either one of those reasons or for something else entirely, you are interested in roof types, you have come to the right place.  The designs of roofs in a particular region are due to things like environmental needs, the fashions of the time, and what materials are going to be used.  The rest of the structure of the house has a lot to do with the style of the roof as well.  Just so you can join in the talk, here is a brief look at the various types of roofs:

Roof Types

One of the most famous of roof types is the gable roof.  This is the standard triangle shaped roof.  It is very well designed for allowing rainwater to run off easily and is responsible for those charming slanted ceilings in attic rooms.  Along the same lines as the gable, there is the cross gable roof.  This one is exactly like the original except it has two parts moving in opposite directions that meet.  Also in the gable family of roofs you will find the mansard or French gable roof.  It is used primarily on Second Empire style homes and French Chateau homes.  This roof is also characterized by a flat top with the striking, traditional gable roof leading up to it.

Another one of the distinctive roof types you may hear of is the Gambrel style.  This one adds a lot of visual interest.  If you have ever seen a home where the roof looked more like a bell than a triangle, it was more than likely a Gambrel roof.  These are most often found on authentic farm homes.

Some of the other roof types you may come across include the hipped roof.  This one is low pitched and creates large eaves on the building.  Like the cross gable, the cross hipped roof is simply two angles meeting on the same structure.  The Pyramidal roof looks like the top of a pyramid and is an incredibly unique look. 

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