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What Your Should Know About Roof Gutter Pitch

What Your Should Know About Roof Gutter Pitch

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April 28, 2008

Gutters on your roof prevent water damage to your home.  While this is a fairly common bit of knowledge, there are yet still many home owners who are not aware of the severity of the damage to their home that can be caused by gutters that are not cared for properly, or gutters that are placed at the wrong roof gutter pitch.  The pitch of your roof has a lot to do with the type of gutters you place on your roof as well as where the gutters are placed. 

Roof Gutter Pitch
Roof gutter pitch is related directly to the pitch of the roof.  If you have a roof that is very steep and has an overhang of a considerable distance, you may be okay without gutters.  The water will be able to drain away from the house off the roof without needing to be redirected by gutters.  However, many houses do not have this type of roof.  Even if the pitch of the roof is steep, the roof gutter pitch is not such that you can go without gutters simply because your roof is lacking an overhang.

Roof gutter pitch is very important in roofs with a steep pitch.  The gutters need to be placed at the edge of the roof and then they need to end in downspouts that move the water away from the foundation of the house.  In homes where there is a roof without a steep roof gutter pitch, it is even more important to have a good gutter system or other type of water drainage system.  Water will move much slower down a roof with a shallow roof gutter pitch and then will need to collect somewhere - in a gutter, for example - and be directed away from the house in a downspout.  As you can see, the principles of drainage are the same for steep and shallow roofs. 

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