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Roll Out Patio Covers: So Much Cooler

Roll Out Patio Covers: So Much Cooler

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May 22, 2008

Roll out patio covers are a great invention.  Patios are wonderful places to sit and enjoy the back yard, but there are plenty of them sitting empty during the hot summer months.  This is because the blazing sun makes the patio so hot it becomes unbearable.  So during some of the best months of the year, the patio is not being used at all. 

Roll out patio covers are the height of convenience.  There are times you want cover on your patio, and times you would rather the patio not be covered.  A roll out patio cover can accommodate both situations.  When you need shelter, the patio cover can be rolled out either manually or automatically.  When you're barbecuing or it's beautiful fall season weather, you can leave the patio cover rolled up.

Roll out patio covers are installed on the house and have fold up support posts.  Using a simple crank or a push of a button, you can turn your patio into a covered living area.  Many of the roll out patio covers even have zip-in sides so you can completely enclose the patio with netting or mesh as protection against insects.

Roll Out Patio Covers

Another benefit of roll out patio covers is the sheer fact it can be rolled up during the winter months when the patio is not used at all.  When you have a canvas patio cover that can't be rolled up, it has to be taken down every winter in order not to be damaged.  If you've ever put up or taken down a tent, you know how tricky and troublesome the whole process can be.

Roll out patio covers can lower the temperature as much as 20 degrees. They also ensure you don't expose yourself to the sun's cancer producing rays.  In addition, the patio cover can help keep your patio furniture clean and add to its life by preventing sun damage.  On top of that you don't have to worry about rain ruining your patio party any more.

A contractor can install various sizes of the roll out patio covers to accommodate any patio size.  The contractor will insure the cover is properly aligned and the rolling mechanisms work properly.  In one day you can turn your hot and unusable patio into an outdoor haven.

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