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Residential Construction Building Contractor - A Matter of Trust

Residential Construction Building Contractor - A Matter of Trust

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December 19, 2007

A residential construction building contractor is someone you put a lot of trust in during a project.  You trust him or her to treat you fairly.  You trust the contractor to get the job done in a timely manner.  You trust the professional to provide you value for your money.  Most of all you trust the contractor to complete the job according to the agreed upon specifications.  Hiring a contractor is an important decision and one you should only make after doing the proper research.

The residential construction building contractor holds an important position during your project.  The contractor is responsible for the work meeting the designs, hiring subcontractors, solving problems as they arise, keeping work on schedule and even paying bills.  Before hiring a contractor, it's important to investigate his or her experience and qualifications.  But how do you even find names to investigate in the first place?

• Recommendations from people you know
• Local contractors association
• Chamber of Commerce
• Internet
• Phone Book

Residential Construction Building Contractor

Obviously you're in a better position if you start with the names of people who have been recommended.  Not only do you have names, but you can look at work that's been completed at your friends or family homes.  It's important to make sure the residential construction building contractor doesn't have any lawsuits filed against their business or complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau or the state Attorney General's office.  You also want to make sure all licenses and insurance are up-to-date.

Since a contractor is responsible for keeping your project on-time and within budget, you want to hire someone who is willing to provide references.  You should check these references thoroughly and ask about how they handled the project finances and their ability to meet deadlines.  You should also ask about the quality of work and their knowledge of construction materials.

Building a house should be an exciting time.  A qualified residential contractor can help you obtain your dream home.  Contractors also complete other jobs such as build outbuildings, decks, garages, workshops and home additions.

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