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The Basics of Repairing Damaged Laminate Flooring

The Basics of Repairing Damaged Laminate Flooring

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July 16, 2008

You have tried really hard to ignore it.  You really don't feel it's time for new flooring.  However, try as you might, you just can't ignore the damaged spots on your laminate flooring.  The good news is that many of the small mishaps that occur on this type of flooring can be fixed.  If you don't feel up to the challenge or don't want the hassle, any good, experienced contractor will be able to help you out with this project.  He or she will know exactly how repairing damaged laminate flooring is done.  Here are a few of the common problems that pop up with laminate flooring and how they can be corrected.

There are times when laminate floors are damaged by occurrences like a rock scratches the surface or a scratch happens when furniture is moved improperly on the floor.  The accident creates those less than attractive pulled tear looking blemishes.  In many cases, all your contractor will have to do is contact the manufacturer and request a touch up stick.  These handy sticks cover and protect the previous blemish.  Very often, it is impossible to find where the scratch was to begin with.  Talk about a cost effective way to deal with damaged flooring.

Repairing Damaged Laminate Flooring 

Another issue that may come up when you are dealing with repairing damaged laminate flooring is spotting.  The spot could be the product of an accidental ink spill or oil or paint. These kinds of spots are usually easy to remove with finger nail polish remover.  Things like blood or spilled beverages might require some warm soapy water for removal.

For serious problems or tears in the flooring, more in depth methods for repairing damaged laminate flooring is going to be needed.   These are the situations when you have to have a professional come and take care of things.  He or she will likely have to find your laminate and purchase, as well as install, new pieces of laminate.  The good news is no one will be able to tell where the ruined pieces were before the repair. 

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