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How to Do It: Repainting Trim Molding

How to Do It: Repainting Trim Molding

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October 15, 2007

So you have your trim molding up around your living room, and it looks terrific.  But in a few years you start to realize that the same trim molding that you worked so hard to put up is starting to look dingy and dirty.  The color isn't quite right anymore, or you'd like to repaint your walls and repainting trim molding is a priority to make the room more modern.  Any reason you may have for repainting trim molding, it is important that you do it properly and so you can ensure a positive, attractive result.

Trim molding is used around the home in many different ways.  For example, the molding may be used at the ceiling as crown molding.  Or it may be at the floor as a decoration or as a cover for the edges of the flooring or carpet.  Some people have trim molding at the base of their windows as a decorative flair, or at the center of a wall as a chair rail.  Any way that trim molding is used in your home, when you decide to redecorate, you will need to think about repainting trim molding.

Repainting Trim Molding

The very best way to begin painting any room is to start by clearing all of the furniture out of the room, if it is possible.  If not, cover the furniture and the carpet and flooring, with drop cloths.  Anything that hangs on the walls should be removed as well; as should the nails and hangers they hung from.

Now you want to paint the walls.  Depending on what color you are repainting trim molding as compared to the color of the walls, you can use masking tape to cover the trim molding while you are painting the walls.  If you are painting the trim a darker color than the walls, don't worry about covering the molding. 

When you are ready to paint the molding, take painters tape and tape off the molding at the wall and floor edges to prevent paint from getting anywhere but on the trim molding.  Paint carefully and evenly, and try to avoid globs of paint drying on the molding.

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